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Jharkhandis are proud of their land and passionate about their sense of cultural identity. It has protected our sense of unity and cultural integrity through years of widespread dispersal and migration to the four corners of the earth. The Jharkhandisi Diaspora clings desperately to their ethnic roots and tenuous sense of bond with the motherland. As a people, this fervent political commitment is undoubtedly one of our greatest strengths.

An overseas community can and does serve as an important ‘bridge’ to access knowledge, expertise, resources and markets for the development of the State. The success of this bridge is often predicated upon two conditions: the ability of the Diaspora to develop and project a coherent, intrinsically motivated and progressive identity and the capacity of the home State to establish conditions and institutions for sustainable, symbiotic and mutually rewarding engagement. The Government of Jharkhandi recognises the need to pursue and promote the dynamic of the Diaspora and development.

Jharkhand’s engagement with its Diaspora is symbiotic, the strands of both sides of the relationship equally important to create a resilient and robust bond. To engage with the Diaspora in a sustainable and mutually rewarding manner across the economic, social and cultural space is at the heart of the policy of the Foundation. To create conditions, partnerships and institutions that will best enable Jharkhand to connect with its Diaspora comprehensively is central to all our programmes and activities.