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 This Year Bolbam & Kaawariya's will get "ARGHA" system. Shravani Mela inaugurated
 Mother, daughter run over by train in Jamshedpur
 Cooperative culture in J'khand villages impresses - Jairam Ramesh
 Jharkhand Turns 12 Today
 Jharkhand matriculates to get tablets: CM
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Jharkhandis are proud of their land and passionate about their sense of cultural identity. It has protected our sense of unity and cultural integrity through years of widespread dispersal and migration to the four corners of the earth.



Imagine France without Fashion, Germany without automotive excellence or Japan without consumer electronics. There’s no arguing that the image we have of another country or place says a lot about how we view it as a tourist destination

Once Upon a Time
First Iron & steel factory at Jamshedpur
Largest fertilizer factory of its time in India at Sindri
Biggest explosives factory at Gomia
First methane gas well in the country
Largest Steel plant in Asia, Bokaro steel plant
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About Jharkhand Foundation

Jharkhand Foundation is a Mission, a platform, a voice, a concept, a media, Where everyone is allowed to raise theie voice and contribute either as an indivisual or in team only for Betterment of Jharkhand. Jharkhand Foundation is an effort to bring together on one platform, leaders of industry and trade, policy makers, scholars social activists etc. to identify strategies, explore opportunity and partnership for playing effective roles towards the development of the Jharkhand state.
Jharkhand Foundation also strives on policy reforms for image & brand


Jharkhand Views

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